Poker Games

At Intertops, our specialty is poker. We offer a full range of poker games for players of all experience levels and with all different table limit expectations. All of our games are designed to be simple to play, with full information on how to top play available on our website.

Currently, we offer both Texas Hold'Em and Omaha Poker. Both games are extremely popular and provide a challenge for new and experienced poker players alike.

Texas Hold'Em

There are three options in this wildly popular poker game. They include a limit, pot limit or no limit games. This is the most commonly played poker in tournaments and uses hole cards as well as the cards on the table to create the best poker hand using 5 of 7 possible cards.

Omaha Poker

Using the same general play as Texas Hold'Em, Omaha poker has the additional requirement the hand played has to include 2 cards from the player's hand (the hole cards) and 3 cards from the board to make the final hand.

There is also the option to enjoy Omaha Hi/Lo poker, which is another popular option on our website.